Anonymous asked: hi, will you restock the cat earrings in your store?

Yep! If you want to make sure you get your hands on a pair you can just send me a convo on Etsy :) 


On this little edition of etcetera I bring to you an artist from across the world yet their crafts can hold a solid place in the heart. Ponypeople is a little project by the hands of Anne Knispel. Her illustrations are the perfect balance of nature realism and pop colors you can’t look away from. Which she perfectly reps in her custom portraits and postcard sets. I’m constantly in awe of the fact that I’ve never had to question the animals in her work due to them being amazingly spot on. Personally my favorite though is when she takes her work and puts a very Roger Rabbit world twist on it cartooning up the place. With a touch of some rainbow brain acid she busts out the perfect colorful feline creations. From pastel swirled kitty necklaces to throwing in another of her loves, plants, comes the cutest cat cactus brooches. All in all, this kid has it on lock and you should definitely check out their tumblr, official website, and more importantly their etsy. Stay radical kids.

Naaaahhhhhh ♥ !!!!!!!

Clay cat jewelry by PONY PEOPLE

Cat bracelets by PONY PEOPLE

Rainbow kitty necklaces by PONY PEOPLE

Kitty pencil necklaces and brooch by PONY PEOPLE

Added a little SALE section to the shop! All items in there are leftovers I will not be making any more of, so get them while you can and get them cheap!

Kitty necklace by PONY PEOPLE

Hair clips by PONY PEOPLE

Glittery kitty necklaces by PONY PEOPLE